Please see our range of materials in the following table. Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, Natural Rubber , Silicone and plastic. Our products can be manufactured in any rubber listed in our Materials section. We also list the phsical perporty of these material. Please check and then choose the correct material,we also can give you some advise according to your requirements or usage.


NBRexcellent resistant to oil and fuel resistance, high Acryl-Nitriel material is good at low temperature, elasticity and compression set resistance.
EPDMexcellent resistance to weather and ozone, good resistance to heat, low temperature and chemical, widely used in braking system.
NRhigh tensile strength and good elongation properties. Not good at heat and weather resistance.
CRgenerally good resistance to ozone, aging, and chemical, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range
SBRshock resistance, performance well in adhesion and sealing
Siliconewidest operating temperatura range, performance stably in high and low temperature, widely use in food and USP class sealing area
VITON/FKMexcellent resistance to high temperature, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals
AFLASAflas is an unique tetrafluorethylene and propylene copolymer that can be either peroxide or electron beam cured, Its structure provides high temperature resistance, a broad range of chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties.
XNBRXNBR, Carboxalated NBR is made of butadiene with acrylouitrile and carbocylic compounds. Since the carboxylic function can cross-link with ZnO easily, X-NBR excellent resistance to abrasion, other properties are same as NBR
HNBRHNBR is a highly-saturated, oil-resistanct elastomer manufactured by subjecting the unsaturated bonds in NBR(a widely used, oil-resistanct rubber)to a special hydrogenation process, HNBR exhibits excellent heat, ozone and chemical resistance properties through the introduction of saturated bonds into the mian chain. Furthermore, HNBR excellent resistance to oil same as NBR.
IIRlow gas permeability rate and good electrical properties
FVMQwidest operating temperature range, performance stably in high and low temperature, good resistance to mineral oil and fuel
ACMgood resistance to mineral to oil, oxygen and ozone, as well as high temperature. The water compatibility and cold flexibility of ACM are better than NBR.
CompoundCodeASTM D2000 Code
Nitrite RubberNBRBF.BG.BK.CH
Ethylene Propylene RubberEPDMAA.BA.CA.DA
Silicone RubberSIFC.FE.GE
Hydrogenated nitrile rubberHNBRDH
Polyacrylate RubberACMDF.DH.EH
Styrene butadiene rubberSBRAA
Fluoro rubberFPMHK
Butyl RubberIIRBA
Natural rubberNRAA
Isoprene rubberIRAA
Polyurethane adhesivePUBG
Ethylene acrylic acid adhesiveE/AEE
Epichlorohydrin rubberECOCE